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GTBZ38S Straight Arm

1. Chassis
Main configuration: Four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, axle balance, foam filled tires
(1) Max. travel speed is 5km/h;
(2) Max. grade ability is 40%;
(3) Axle extending and retracting system - Max. span is 3.8m, providing better vehicle stability;
(4) Axle balance system - greatly improving the capability to pass through rugged road surface
(5) Double-pump four-wheel drive steering control technology - the speeds of inside and outside tires can be harmonized and controlled so as to improve smoothness in traveling and reduce tire wear.
(6) Built-in traveling reducer integrating motor and reducer is selected, with fast and slow travel speed, which can meet the requirements for traveling in different environment. The traveling mechanism has self-braking function when traveling on a slope, meanwhile clutch device is equipped for dragging in event of failure.
2. Boom
(1) Four-section telescopic boom with single telescoping cylinder and wire rope;
(2) Boom material - high strength steel welding, with light weight and high safety;
(3) Matching of strength and rigidity - ensuring excellent strength and rigidity of boom.
3. Turntable
(1) 360° continuous rotation, two mounting holes for transportation lock pin;
(2) Power system - Perkins engine (Cummins engine is optional), optimized matching vibration and heat dissipation system;
(3) Rotary engine tray - the engine can be rotated out by removal of locking bolts, which is easy access to the engine and accessories for maintenance and service;
(4) System diagnosis - main faults are indicated by turntable display, buzzer warning and calibration function are available.
4. Platform
2.4m × 0.9m large work platform;
180° platform rotation;
Load capacity up to 340kg;
Electro-hydraulic proportional automatic leveling system.
5. Hydraulic system
(1) Hydraulic elements - hydraulic pumps, main valve and other major components adopt international famous brands.
(2) Double closed pump + variable pump - double closed pump respectively controls left and right motors for chassis traveling, variable pump controls the hydraulic system of whole vehicle except traveling, which is directly driven by the engine to provide power for hydraulic system.
(3) Emergency power unit - ensuring that the boom can be retracted to travel configuration when engine or oil pump is faulty.
(4) Variable pump constant pressure system + load sensitive system for superstructure hydraulic system - electro-hydraulic proportional control technology is adopted for main actions, the functions such as superstructure rotation, boom elevation, boom telescoping, folding jib elevation and work platform oscillation can be achieved, cartridge valve group for main valve in superstructure, hydraulic oil radiator is equipped.
(5) Closed variable system for chassis traveling - 4×4 drive type, high and low gears. Chassis hydraulic system can also realize functions such as axle balance, steering, axle extending and retracting.
6. Electric system
(1) PLC control technology - one controller for chassis, turntable and platform each. Control box is equipped in chassis turntable and platform respectively to realize the control of chassis, turntable, boom and platform.
(2) Main control items-engine preheating, starting, stopping and rotation speed control; engine oil pressure, coolant temperature, detection and warning; chassis steering, axle extending and traveling control; turntable slewing, boom elevation and telescoping control; platform slewing control; platform load capacity detection; platform leveling.
(3) More than 20 items of Safety protection measures - engine state monitoring and starting protection device; vehicle body inclination warning device; overload warning device; wire rope anti-loose detection and etc., complete safety protection.
Name Qty Remarks
Engine 1 Perkins/Cummins
Traveling reducer 4 RRWD1700TB
Traveling motor 4 DANFOSS
Hydraulic oil pump 1 REXROTH
Power unit 1 HYDRO-TEK
Platform valve group 1 EATON
Turntable valve group 1
Traveling control valve group 1
Swinging cylinder 1 HELAC
Leveling cylinder 1 Chengdu Hydraulic Cylinder Co., Ltd.
Elevating cylinder 1 Xuzhou Hydraulic Parts Co., Ltd. XCMG
Telescoping cylinder 1
Steering cylinder 2
Folding jib cylinder 1
Balance cylinder 2
Hydraulic oil radiator 1 HYDAC
Controller 3 Hirschmann
Turntable inclination sensor 1 Shanghai Parker Hannifin
Angle sensor 4
Platform inclination sensor 1 Xuzhou Yuwei
Weighing sensor 1
Foot pedal switch 1 SUNS
Slewing ring 1 Maanshan Fangyuan
Slewing reducer 1 Xuzhou Keyuan
Slewing motor 1 Ningbo Zhongyi