For example:Earthmoving Machine、Road Construction Machinery Concrete Equipment 、Mining Equipment、Trucks...

XCMG Aerial Working Platform Maneuverability:4 wheel drive and axle expansion ensure good stability, which is suitable for various work environments;360° successive rotation?It adopts America Cummins engine, featuring strong power, energy-saving and environmental care; The wing type engine hood and auxiliary pneumatic open mode is convenient for repair service.Long life; Simple and rugged structure, and steel housing, more suitable to work under tough conditions like shipyard; The ergonomically designed control panel and optimized button allocation feature comfortable operation; The 180° rotation platform can maximally expand the work range; The advanced octagon arm support improves the rigidity, Solid tyre; The galvanizing treatment for the key parts features anti-corrosion; The design of internally installed cables is superior to the commonly used outward design.

Straight Arm Series
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