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LW300FN Wheel Loader

High efficiency and reliability
Model Characteristics

It features high efficiency, energy-saving, and strong power.
The three-element torque converter and the fixed shaft power shift transmission feature
high maturity and reliability.
The 2600mm wheelbase features high mobility and flexibility and is applicable to all kinds of working sites.
The bucket is made of high strength material to realize high wear and impact resistance.
The diversified configurations and complete attachments adapt to the construction needs in different regions and under different working conditions.
The optional A/C and the sound insulation and noise reduction measure build elaborately a comfortable operating environment.
Convenient Maintenances
The framework structure engine hood and the uplift large side doors boast large opening angle and make the checking, repair, and maintenance easier for the engine and radiator.
The central fuse case centrally indicates the working status of electric system and eases the maintenances.
The independent chamber design for oil return line of hydraulic oil tank guarantees the convenient maintenances.
Variety attached tools meeting requirements of different working conditions
Clamp: For grab and transport of various woods and tubing.
Bale grabber: It’s used for the grabbing and handling of various light materials in farms, biological power plants, and paper mills.
Wheel loader LW300FN Technical Specifications:
Item Specification Unit
Rated operating load 3000 kg
Bucket capacity 1.5~2.5
Machine weight 10600±200 kg
Dump clearance at maximum lift 2770~3260 mm
Reach at maximum lift 1010~1210 mm
Wheel base 2600 mm
Tread 1850 mm
Height of hinge at maximum lift height 3830 mm
Working height(fully lifted) 4870 mm
Max.breakout force 130 kN power 95 kN
Hydraulic cycle time-raise 5.5 s
Total hydraulic cycle time 10 s
Min. turning radius over tyres 5165 mm
Articulation angle 35±1 °
Gradeability 28 °
Tyre size 17.5-25-12PR
Overall machine dimension L×W×H 7050×2482×3118
Model WP6G125E22
Emission standards Emission 2
Rated Power/Speed 92/2300 kW/rpm
Fuel Tank 170 L
Hydraulic Tank 170 L
I-gear(F/R) 8?10? km/h
II-gear(F/R) 13/30 km/h
Travel speed III-gear(F) 24/- km/h
IV-gear(F) 40/- km/h
Structure and specification are subject to change without notice.In case there is any difference between the description of the machine and the substantial machine,the substantial machine should govern.