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At LONGJI, we maintain an extensive spare parts inventory for all our equipment. From the smallest bearing to the most complex circuit board, LONGJI is committed to having all parts on hand to keep your project running. We are well stocked with a full inventory list of spare parts, components and accessories to support our clientele with the products they purchase from us.
This forms a one-stop-centre to serve our customers promptly and efficiently. This is done through a network of highly certified OEM manufacturers, and through an effective distribution of spare parts through our global network of vendors.
Category:Wheel Loader,Excavator,Bulldozer,Road Roller,Cranes,etc.

Parts warehouse:


XCMG Whell loader parts

  • Transmission pump

  • Shaft gear

  • Boom assembly

  • Idier sprocket

  • Intermediate shaft output gear

  • Brakes

  • Gearbox Accessories

  • Brake Caliper

  • Bucket Assembly

  • Shaft connection plate

  • Multi-way valve

  • Flanges

  • Clamp

  • Condenser

  • Condenser fan

  • Connecting flange

  • Hand brake assembly

  • Cylinder assembly

  • Brake disc

  • Bearing

  • Main reduction

  • Basin angle tooth

  • Electrical machine

  • Twin pump

  • Pilot Valve

  • Tire
Engine Parts

  • Engine parts assembly

  • Engine Assembly

  • Connecting Rod

  • Air Compressor

  • Fuel Injector
XCMG Motor grader parts

  • Sealing ring

  • Hand pump

  • Brake light pressure switch

  • Transmission shaft

  • knuckle bearing

  • Rear combination lamp

  • Oil filter

  • Air filter cartridge

  • Rim bolt

  • Front combination lamp

  • Hand pumps

  • Double gear pump

  • Copper sets

  • Hinge pin

  • Hydraulic lock

  • Hydraulic redirector

  • Oil cylinder

  • Tapered roller bearings

  • TachHourmeter
Skid loader parts

  • Mower

  • Icebreaker

  • Fork

  • Broken hammer

  • Auger